Podcast: Hanselminutes interviews Herb Sutter

A few weeks ago at the Build conference, Scott Hanselman sat down to talk with Herb Sutter about C++ and modern UI/UX. The podcast is now live here:

The Hanselminutes Podcast, Show #346

“Why C++” with Herb Sutter

Topics Scott and Herb discuss include:

  • 2:00 Scott mentions he has used C++ in the past. C++ has changed. We still call it C++, but it’s a very different language now.
  • 5:30 (Why) do we care about performance any more?
  • 10:00 What’s this GPGPU thing? Think of your GPU as your modern 80387.
  • 13:45 C++ is having a resurgence. Where is C++ big?
  • 18:00 Why not just use one language? or, What is C++ good at? Efficient abstraction and portability.
  • 21:45 Programmers have a responsibility to support the business. Avoid the pitfall of speeds & feeds.
  • 24:00 Herb's experience with his iPad, his iPhone, and his Slate 7 with Win8.
  • 28:45 We’re in two election seasons – (a) political and (b) technology (Nexus, iPad Mini, Surface, ...). Everyone is wallpapering the media with ads (some of them attack ads), and vying for customer votes/$$, and seeing who’s going to be the winner.
  • 35:00 Natural user interfaces – we get so easily used to touch that we paw all screen, and Scott’s son gets so used to saying “Xbox pause” that anything that doesn’t respond is “broken.”


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