Free two-day event: Silicon Valley codecamp_12 for C++11

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The page's own intro says it all:

C++ is Hot!

Mobile and cloud technologies are re-energizing interest in the uncompromising performance that C++ delivers and the new ISO/ANSI standard (C++11) introduces features that allow programmers to achieve that performance with ever greater expressiveness.

Join us as we discuss how to get the most out of Classic C++ and discover the new features of C++11 that are being delivered now by the latest compilers.

Sessions in this track are being given by award winning presenters. We will go beyond Procedural and Object-Oriented Paradigms to explore Generic Programming and Logic Paradigms. We will teach you how to write code in both Classic C++ and C++11 that you can be confident is performant, maintainable, and 100% robust in the face of exceptions. We will cover new C++11 features, including the new standard for threading and what Scott Meyer’s calls “the marquee feature of C++11,” move semantics. We will also introduce you to some powerful new tool sets, one from Microsoft and the other Open Source (Clang), for use with both Classic C++ and C++11.

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