Registration for ACCU 2015 is now open.—Martin Moene

Martin Moene reports that registration for ACCU 2015 is now open. ACCU always has strong C++ content, mixed with topics on other languages and software design and architecture.

From the conference page:

ACCU 2015


Keynote Speakers

  • Chandler Carruth: C++ language platform lead at Google, late night LLVM hacker, all around trouble maker.
  • Jim Coplien: Weaver of the paradoxes of lean and agile, of agile and architecture, and of objects and use cases
  • Alison Lloyd: Pilot, embedded engineer, small business owner, and all-round dabbler.
  • Axel Naumann: High Energy Physicist, professional tourist in the land of Computer Science at CERN

Schedule for ACCU 2015 has been published

The schedule for the annual ACCU Conference has just been published. The conference will be held at Marriott Hotel City Centre, in Bristol, UK, on April 21-25, 2015. The conference is focused on professionalism in programming, but as always the schedule contains a lot of talks about C++.

ACCU is a small and friendly conference, typically 300-400 attendees living together in the same hotel for a week discussing everything about programming. Most of the talks are 90 minutes, with long breaks inbetween, inviting to deep and insightful discussions both during and after the sessions. If you are into programming, especially C++, this is a conference that you might want to consider.

Ask the STL Creator about Generic Programming

An online (Slashdot) interview of Alexander Stepanov and Daniel Rose, authors of "From Mathematics to Generic Programming" is now soliciting questions.

Add a reply to this Slashdot announcement to pose a questions. Ask as many questions as you'd like, but only one question per reply please:

Interview: Ask Alexander Stepanov and Daniel E. Rose a Question

An anonymous reader writes:

"Alexander Stepanov studied mathematics at Moscow State University and has been programming since 1972. His work on foundations of programming has been supported by GE, Brooklyn Polytechnic, AT&T, HP, SGI, and, since 2002, Adobe. In 1995 he received the Dr. Dobb's Journal Excellence in Programming Award for the design of the C++ Standard Template Library. Currently, he is the Senior Principal Engineer at Daniel E. Roseis a programmer and research scientist who has held management positions at Apple, AltaVista, Xigo, Yahoo, and is the Chief Scientist for Search at His research focuses on all aspects of search technology, ranging from low-level algorithms for index compression to human-computer interaction issues in web search. Rose led the team at Apple that created desktop search for the Macintosh. In addition to working together, the pair have recently written a book, From Mathematics to Generic Programming. Alexander and Daniel have agreed to answer any questions you may have about their book, their work, or programming in general. As usual, ask as many as you'd like, but please, one per post."

C++ Now talk submission deadline extended to January 11

Just a reminder: In case you missed the original December 21 deadline for C++ Now proposal submissions, you still have time... the deadline has been extended to January 11.

(revised) 2015 Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline Extended!

The C++Now Program Committee is very excited about the quality this year’s submissions, but to increase the quantity of submissions, we are announcing an extension of the submission deadline until January 11th. We still hope to meet our February deadline for notifications.

Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures—Chandler Carruth

carruth-cppcon2014.PNGAt the recent CppCon 2014, Chandler Carruth gave a great talk on using Modern C++ for writing high-performance applications. 

Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures

by Chandler Carruth

From the video introduction:

C++ programmers throughout the industry have an insatiable desire for writing high performance code. Unfortunately, even with C++, this can be really challenging. Over the past twenty years processors, memory, software libraries, and even compilers have radically changed what makes C++ code fast. Even measuring the performance of your code can be a daunting task. This talk will dig into how modern processors work, what makes them fast, and how to exploit them effectively with modern C++ code.

C++ User Group Meetings in December

Its again the time to list the monthly meetings, this time its for December:

C++ User Group Meetings in December

by Jens Weller

From the Article

Three years ago, my own user group had its first meeting in December, being the second active C++ user group in Europe back in 2011. Since then a lot has changed, this December there are a lot more user groups meeting, and also we'll have the last premier C++ Event of the year: Meeting C++ is next week!

Meetings in December

    1.12 C++ UG Hungary - Template Metaprogramming With Better Tools
    2.12 C++ UG Chicago - The Bash Bug And The OpenSSL Bug
    3.12 C++ UG Saint Louis - Next meeting
    3.12 C++ UG Austin - Double Feature
    4.12 C++ UG Dublin - std::begin
    9.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - C++11's New Pointer Types
    10.12 C++ UG Utah - Iterators\, Containers and Algorithms in the Standard Library
    10.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    11.12 C++ UG Dresden - Dezember Treffen
    13.12 C++ UG Pune, India - Introduction to C++ Template Metaprogramming and Domain Specific
    15.12 C++ UG Denver - Denver Tech Center C++ Developers
    15.12 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    17.12 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Christmas special!
    18.12 C++ UG Paris - C++ FRUG #5 - L'asynchronisme en deux talks
    18.12 C++ UG Amsterdam - Let's have a meetup in December
    18.12 C++ UG Hamburg - Qt DevDays & Meeting C++