Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures—Chandler Carruth

carruth-cppcon2014.PNGAt the recent CppCon 2014, Chandler Carruth gave a great talk on using Modern C++ for writing high-performance applications. 

Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures

by Chandler Carruth

From the video introduction:

C++ programmers throughout the industry have an insatiable desire for writing high performance code. Unfortunately, even with C++, this can be really challenging. Over the past twenty years processors, memory, software libraries, and even compilers have radically changed what makes C++ code fast. Even measuring the performance of your code can be a daunting task. This talk will dig into how modern processors work, what makes them fast, and how to exploit them effectively with modern C++ code.

C++ User Group Meetings in December

Its again the time to list the monthly meetings, this time its for December:

C++ User Group Meetings in December

by Jens Weller

From the Article

Three years ago, my own user group had its first meeting in December, being the second active C++ user group in Europe back in 2011. Since then a lot has changed, this December there are a lot more user groups meeting, and also we'll have the last premier C++ Event of the year: Meeting C++ is next week!

Meetings in December

    1.12 C++ UG Hungary - Template Metaprogramming With Better Tools
    2.12 C++ UG Chicago - The Bash Bug And The OpenSSL Bug
    3.12 C++ UG Saint Louis - Next meeting
    3.12 C++ UG Austin - Double Feature
    4.12 C++ UG Dublin - std::begin
    9.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - C++11's New Pointer Types
    10.12 C++ UG Utah - Iterators\, Containers and Algorithms in the Standard Library
    10.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    11.12 C++ UG Dresden - Dezember Treffen
    13.12 C++ UG Pune, India - Introduction to C++ Template Metaprogramming and Domain Specific
    15.12 C++ UG Denver - Denver Tech Center C++ Developers
    15.12 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    17.12 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Christmas special!
    18.12 C++ UG Paris - C++ FRUG #5 - L'asynchronisme en deux talks
    18.12 C++ UG Amsterdam - Let's have a meetup in December
    18.12 C++ UG Hamburg - Qt DevDays & Meeting C++

28 C++ User Group Meetings in November!

The monthly listing of the upcoming C++ User Group meetings brings a new record in November: 28 User Groups are meeting so far:

C++ User Group meetings in November

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meetings in November

    4.11 C++ UG OC Qt - Qt Developer Days 2014 San Francisco
    4.11 C++ UG Warsaw - "Co nowego w C++14"
    5.11 C++ UG Saint Louis - First official meeting for our group
    5.11 C++ UG Austin - Austin C/C++ Boost Double Feature
    6.11 C++ UG Malmö/c++ folk - LLVM/Clang on Windows
    8.11 C++ UG C++ Italy - Italian C++ Community Meetup Bologna
    8.11 C++ UG Pune, India - C++11 Move Semantics and STL optimizations + A look at LibreOffic
    12.11 C++ UG Utah - Efficient Parsing with Boost.Spirit
    12.11 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    13.11 C++ UG NRW/Aachen - C++ User Gruppe (November)
    13.11 C++ UG Dresden - TDD
    13.11 C++ UG New York - Experience with C++11 in ArangoDB
    17.11 C++ UG Juce - JUCE Meetup Helsinki
    17.11 C++ UG Denver - Denver Tech Center C++ Developers
    17.11 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    18.11 C++ UG Chicago - Highlights of the Standards Committee Meeting
    19.11 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Treffen der C++ User Gruppe NRW
    19.11 C++ UG Santa Barbara - Brett Hall will give a talk on Transactional Memory and C++
    19.11 C++ UG Seattle/NorthWest - Debugging, Profiling, and Diagnostics for C++ in Visual Studio vNext
    19.11 C++ UG Hamburg - C++14
    20.11 C++ UG Juce - JUCE Meetup Paris
    20.11 C++ UG Bristol - Save the date
    25.11 C++ UG Montpellier - Meetup C++ novembre
    26.11 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
    26.11 C++ UG London - monthly MeetUp
    27.11 C++ UG Rhein-Neckar - C++ Usergroup Meeting
    28.11 C++ UG Istanbul - Debugging with GDB
    29.11 C++ UG Russia - Novosibirsk Meeting

A very special Sponsorship: CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation—Jens Weller

Jens Weller has been doing an awesome job in Europe for the past several years, both in helping to found new C++ user groups and in putting on the really great Meeting C++ conference.

Such good work deserves to be supported, and so we're pleased to report that CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation have agreed to be an ongoing sponsor of Meeting C++ -- in 2014 and beyond:

A very special Sponsorship: CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Today I can announce a very special sponsorship: CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation has joined Meeting C++ as a long time sponsor! The Standard C++ Foundation is for this and the coming years the keynote sponsor for Meeting C++, last year this was BlackBerry.

Back in 2012, Meeting C++ and, the Standard C++ Foundation's website, got started. Both share a common goal: to support C++ and its community. Meeting C++ has helped the founding of a European network for C++, growing from 2 user groups in 2011 to 25 user groups in 2014. With, CppCon and Meeting C++ we want to bring this now to a global level.

Which brings me to what role CppCon has in this sponsorship. The CppCon is the official conference of the Standard C++ Foundation, and similar to Meeting C++ it is a great, community driven C++ Conference. Both share to have their roots in C++Now. While I was at CppCon, people already recognized Meeting C++ as its European counter part. But Europe has a very versatile C++ conference scene, with usingstdcpp in Madrid, Accu in Bristol, ADC in Bavaria, NDC next year in London, and Meeting C++ in Berlin. So Europe has a vivid and growing scene of C++ conferences!

So CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation is now a long time Keynote & Platinum Sponsor of Meeting C++!

I also asked Herb Sutter about a statement why the Standard C++ Foundation and CppCon is sponsoring Meeting C++, so here is Herb's statement:

CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation want to support Meeting C++’s great work of fostering C++ in Europe, from the Meeting C++ conference itself to its with incubating and encouraging a growing number of C++ user groups all across Europe.

Bjarne Stroustrup “Make Simple Tasks Simple!” at CodeRage 9—Wed Oct 29, 9-11am PDT

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow morning, North American Pacific time, as the CodeRage conference will replay the CppCon "Make Simple Things Simpler!" keynote and take live Q&A with the keynoter, Bjarne Stroustrup:

Bjarne Stroustrup "Make Simple Tasks Simple!" at CodeRage 9 -- Wednesday, Oct. 29: 9-11am PDT

by David Intersimone

From the article:

... This time we will be doing things a little bit differently. We will watch a replay of Bjarne's wonderful CppCon 2014 Keynote, "Make Simple Tasks Simple!", and then have a live Q&A with Bjarne to complete the 2 hour session. [This] will take place on Wednesday, October 29 from 9am to 11am Pacific Time (12noon to 2pm Eastern Time) on the C++ track live stream.

... You can submit questions live during the session or you can email questions in advance by sending them to davidi at embarcadero dot com using the subject line "Ask Bjarne during CodeRage 9".

Italian C++ Community Meetup—November 8, Bologna, Italy

it-meetup-2014-11.PNGThe next meetup of ++it (, the Italian C++ Community) will be in Bologna, Italy, on November 8th.


  • 1 interactive session.
  • 2x60' talks.
  • 2x30' lightning talks.
  • 1x45' Q/A panel.
  • Networking breaks and lunch.

Special speaker

  • Bartosz Milewski!

More details (in Italian) and registration (free) here.

Meeting C++ is sold out!

Last week the last ticket for Meeting C++ has been sold:

Meeting C++ is sold out for now

by Jens Weller

from the Article:

Ticket sales have been strong all summer long, and those who have yet not got their ticket will have to wait, maybe even for next year. There might be a second batch of tickets, which will not be more then 10-30 tickets released at the beginning of November. But for now, we are at almost 300 Attendees for Meeting C++! This includes the 50 Students, the speakers, the staff and all sold tickets.

ACCU 2015 Call for Papers

ACCU 2015 is now putting together its program, and they want you to speak on C++. ACCU has long had a strong C++ track, though it is not a C++-only conference. If you have something to share, check out the call for papers. 

Call for Papers

ACCU 2015

We invite you to propose a session for this leading software development conference...

The Call for Papers lasts 5 weeks and will close at midnight Wednesday 5th November 2014. Remember, remember, the 5th of November...