How To Submit a New Issue / Defect Report

If you believe you have found a defect in the language or the standard library:

  1. Please first post an initial message to the std-discussion forum to ask about it. It might not be a problem because it's intended behavior, or it might be a problem but one that has already been reported.
  2. If it does seem to be a defect, then follow the instructions below.

How to submit a core language or standard library issue

First, check to see if it an editorial issue, and see these links:


A. Mail your issue to for core language issues, and for standard library issues.

B. Specify a short descriptive title. If you fail to do so, the subject line of your mail will be used as the issue title.

C. If the "From" on your email is not the name you wish to appear as issue submitter, then specify issue submitter.

D. Provide a brief discussion of the problem you wish to correct. Refer to the latest working draft or standard using [section.tag] and paragraph numbers where appropriate.

E. Provide proposed wording. This should indicate exactly how you want the standard to be changed. General solution statements belong in the discussion area. This area contains very clear and specific directions on how to modify the current draft. If you are not sure how to word a solution, you may omit this part. But your chances of a successful issue greatly increase if you attempt wording.

F. It is not necessary for you to use html markup. However, if you want to, you can <ins>insert text like this</ins> and <del>delete text like this</del>. The only strict requirement is to communicate clearly to the list maintainer exactly how you want your issue to look.

G. It is not necessary for you to specify other html font/formatting mark-up, but if you do the list maintainer will attempt to respect your formatting wishes (as described by html markup, or other common idioms).

H. It is not necessary for you to specify open date or last modified date (the date of your mail will be used).

I. It is not necessary for you to cross reference other issues, but you can if you like. You do not need to form the hyperlinks when you do, the list maintainer will take care of that.

J. One issue per email is best.

K. Between the time you submit the issue, and the next mailing deadline (date at the top of the Revision History), you own this issue. You control the content, the stuff that is right, the stuff that is wrong, the format, the misspellings, etc. You can even make the issue disappear if you want. Just let the list maintainer know how you want it to look, and he will try his best to accommodate you. After the issue appears in an official mailing, you no longer enjoy exclusive ownership of it.