ISO C++ Standard -- Discussion

Are you wondering why a certain C++ language or library feature works the way it does? how multiple features interact? or whether you've found a bug in the standard?

Here's where you can ask the experts -- including a number of committee members who hang out in this group.

ISO C++ Standard -- Future Proposals

Do you want to propose a new language or library feature and get early feedback on your idea before writing up a detailed proposal?

This is the place to go -- the group for initial discussion of proposed new language and library features that could be considered for future inclusion in ISO C++.

SG5 -- Transactional Memory

This is the first of the committee's mailing lists to be made publicly readable. Study Group 5's charter is investigative discussion on what adding transactional memory constructs might look like in C++, and the SG5 group contains useful discussion and pointers to papers, telecons, and other useful information.

SG7 -- Reflection

Discussion of reflection capabilities for C++, focusing initially on compile-time reflection.

SG9 -- Ranges

Discussion of range-related STL algorithms and other features to replace iterator pairs.

SG10 -- Feature Test

Investigation into whether and how to standardize a way for portable code to check whether a particular C++ product implements a feature yet, as we continue to extend the standard.

SG12 -- Undefined and Unspecified Behavior and Vulnerabilities

Investigation into cataloging and addresses categories of undefined or unspecified behavior, and code vulnerability issues.

SG13 -- HMI

Development of new proposals in selected human-machine interaction such as low-level graphics/pointing I/O primitives.

SG14 -- Game Development and Low-Latency

Development of new proposals related to game development and (other) low-latency computing.

SG15 -- Tooling

Development of new proposals and procedures related to tool support for C++.

SG16 -- Unicode and Text

Development of new proposals and procedures related to text processing support for C++.

SG19 -- Machine Learning

Address and improve on C++’s ability to support fast iteration, better support for array, matrix, linear algebra, in memory passing of data for computation, scaling, and graphing, as well as optimization for graph programming.

SG20 -- Education

Produce guidance for modern course materials for C++ education.

FAQ Discussion

Discussion about the C++ FAQ among FAQ editors and anyone else who is interested. For example, when you click on "recommend an improvement" the suggestion email goes here.