Goals and Purpose

The Standard C++ Foundation (Standard CPP Foundation in some databases that don’t support + in names) is a Washington 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern Standard C++ on all compilers and platforms. It does this by operating and funding isocpp.org, the github.com/isocpp and github.com/cplusplus repositories, the CppCon conference including CppCon.org and the CppCon YouTube channel, and providing financial assistance support for WG21 (ISO C++ committee) standards meetings for meeting hosting costs, travel assistance for attendees in financial need, and grants to progress WG21 proposals that have been encouraged but whose the authors cannot progress further without some financial assistance and that the WG21 major subgroup chairs have approved funding.

The Foundation is funded by sponsor members, CppCon proceeds, and in the future possibly other sources. It uses these funds primarily to assist with running WG21 meetings, fund the next year's CppCon, pay isocpp.org website development and maintenance expenses, and in the future possibly in other ways that benefit the C++ community.

The Foundation also serves to hold copyright, or a license, to all contributed contents of this site. Pearson Education (Addison-Wesley) has generously agreed to contribute extensive copyrighted book material to be made publicly available on this site and extended by wiki contributions. Reciprocally, we want to be able to authorize publishers like Pearson to republish such updated wiki contents, such as to produce revised C++ FAQs print books or e-books, which benefits the community by making the material also available in a convenient offline format that further helps disseminate accurate information about C++. Some entity has to exist to hold the license to the wiki contributions, and to execute an author’s agreement with Pearson to license Pearson to republish the material.


Directors and Officers


The directors and [officers] of the Foundation are as follows.

  • Inbal Levi (Millennium Management) [Secretary]
  • Nina Ranns [Vice-President]
  • Bjarne Stroustrup (Morgan Stanley) [Treasurer]
  • Herb Sutter (Microsoft) [Chairman, President]
  • Michael Wong (Codeplay)

isocpp.org Policies

Please refer to the following policies for this website:


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