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How can I start a local user group?

See Jens Weller’s nice writeup.

Please also see the User Group section at Meeting C++

See the C++ Community Group Starter Kit for a lot of valuable advise and resources.

Register your group with Meeting C++

A successful user group needs four main ingredients:

  • People. You don’t need a lot of people, but a good critical mass is usually around 5 to 20 people attending each month.

  • Location. Have a regular place to meet. Often a local company can provide meeting space in an evening. Jens’ post also has suggestions for meeting at places like universities and restaurants.

  • Topics. A good format for a monthly meeting is to arrange for someone interested in presenting something – a formal talk, a whiteboard talk, sharing an experience report, really anything – followed by discussion time.

  • Date. Having a regular meeting day and time lets people know when to expect a meeting even if they don’t come every month. Of course, avoid major holidays.

How can I present at a local user group?

Most groups are hungry for new presenters. Contact the group in your area or in an area that you’ll be traveling to. Some groups have the flexibility to schedule a special meeting if it means having speaker that is only in town for a few days.

Some groups have special contact forms for presenters. Those links are included here as “(presenters)” when they are available. Meeting C++ provides the Meeting C++ User Group contact form which allows anyone to contact one or more groups at a time.


C++ Buenos Aires


Melbourne: Melbourne C++ Meetup

Sydney: Sydney C++ Meetup


Graz: Graz Qt|C++11 Meetup

Vienna: Qt and QML Vienna Meetup


Minsk: C++


Belgian C++ Users Group (BeCPP)


C & C++ Brasil (ccppbrasil)

Florianópolis C/C++ Floripa


Sofia: C++ User Group Sofia


Kitchener: KW::C++

Montreal: C++ Montréal ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Toronto(inactive): Toronto C++ User Group

Toronto: Toronto C++ User Group

Czech Republic

Brno: Container Brno

Prague: Avast C++ Meetup YouTube Channel


Beijing: Beijing C++ User Group


Cali Cali C++ Meetup Group


Aarhus Aarhus C++ User group

Copenhagen Cpenhagen C/C++ Meetup


Helsinki C++ Helsinki


Montpellier: Développeurs C++ à Montpellier

Montpellier: Qt Meetup Montpellier

Nantes: Nantes C++ Meetup

Paris: User Group C++ Francophone (meetup) ( Meeting C++ contact form )


Aachen: C++ User Group Aachen

Berlin: C++ User Group Berlin

Berlin: Berlin Qt Meetup

Bochum: C++ User Group Ruhrgebiet ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Bremen: C++ User Group Bremen

Cologne: C++ Usergroup Cologne

Dresden: C++ User Group Dresden

Düsseldorf: C++ User Group Düsseldorf ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Hamburg: C++ User Group Hamburg ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Hannover: C++ User Group Hannover ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Karlsruhe: C++ User Group Karlsruhe

München: C++ User Group München

München: Qt Munich Meetup

Rhein-Neckar: C++ User Group Rhein-Neckar

Stuttgart: Qt Meetup Ludwigsburg Stuttgart


Budapest: Hungarian C++ Community


Bangalore: Bangalore C/C++ Meetup

Pune: Pune C++ and Boost Meetup

online: CppIndia


Dublin: C++ User Group Dublin


Haifa: Haifa:C++

Mevasserat Ziyyon: Core C++ ( presenters ) ( sponsorship ) ( Meeting C++ contact form )


Italian C++ Community

Udine: C++ User Group Udine


Riga C++ Latvia


Luxembourg Modern C++ Luxembourg

Latin America

Buenos Aires C++ User Group Buenos Aires


Macedonia: C++ User Group Macedonia


Amsterdam: The Dutch C++ Group

New Zealand

Auckland: Auckland C++ Meetup

Christchurch: Canterbury C++ Meetup

Wellington: Wellington C++ User Group


Oslo: Oslo C++ Users Group

Oslo: Oslo Qt Users


Gdańsk: Gdańsk C++ Users group

Kraków: C++ User Group Kraków

Warsaw: Warsaw C++ Users

Wroclaw: Wro.cpp


Lisbon: Meetup de C/C++ Lisboa


Romania C++ User Group

Cluj-Napoca: Qt Cluj

Craiova: Craiova C++ User Group ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Iasi: Iasi C/C++ Developers Meetup


C++ Russia

Moscow: Moscow C++ User Group

St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg C++ User Group


Belgrade: Serbian C++ User Group


Singapore: C++ Singapore

Singapore: Qt Singapore


Barcelona: C++ Programmer Meetup

Madrid: C/C++ | Madrid


Göteborg: Göteborg C++ Programming Meetup

Malmö: Malmö C++ User Group

Stockholm: Sweden C++ ( Meeting C++ contact form )


Lucerne: C++ User Group Central Switzerland ( blog )

Zürich: C++ User Group Zürich


Istanbul: C++ User Group

United Kingdom

Birmingham: Birmingham C/C++ Meetup

Bristol: ACCU Bristol

Cambridge: ACCU Cambridge

London: ACCU London

London: C++ London ( presenters ) ( Meeting C++ contact form )

London: C++ London University

London: JUCE C++ Meetups

Oxford: ACCU Oxford


Edinburgh: C++ Edinburgh

United States

Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor C++ Meetup

Atlanta: Atlanta C++ Meetup

Austin: Austin C/C++ Meetup

Austin: C++ 20 Interactive Q&A >Help, Mentoring & Study Group CppMSG

Boston: Boston C++ Meetup

Chicago: Chicago C/C++ Users Group

Denver: North Denver Metro C++ Meetup

El Dorado Hills (CA): El Dorado Hills C++ Meetup

Houston: Houston C++ User Group

Las Vegas: The Las Vegas C/C++ Meetup Group

Minneapolis: Twin Cities C / C++ / Assembly / Embedded / OSDev Meetup

Nashua: Southern NH C++ Group

New York: New York C++ Developers Group

North Carolina: Triangle C++ Developers Group

Orange County: OC Qt/QML

Portland: PDXCPP: The Portland C++ User Group

Saint Louis: Saint Louis C/C++ Meetup

Salt Lake City: Utah C++ Programmers

San Antonio: San Antonio C++ User Group

San Diego: San Diego C++ User Group

San Francisco Bay Area: Cpp Bay Area ( Meeting C++ contact form )

Seattle: Northwest C++ Users Group


Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh: not currently active