Doc. No.: N4693
Date: 2017-08-12
Reply to: Clark Nelson
Tel: +1-503-712-8433
Post: Intel Corp. JF1-13
2111 NE 25th Ave
Hillsboro OR 97124

PL22.16/WG21 draft agenda: 06-11 Nov 2017, Albuquerque, NM, US

INCITS PL22.16 * Programming language C++
InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS)
Operating under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
INCITS, 1101 K Street NW, Suite 610, Washington, DC 20005

Meeting notice and location: N4633

Dates and times

Day Start Break Lunch Break End
Nov 06 Monday 9:00 AM
10:15 –
10:30 AM
12:00 –
1:30 PM
3:30 –
3:45 PM
5:30 PM
Nov 07 Tuesday 8:30 AM
Nov 08 Wednesday
Nov 09 Thursday
Nov 10 Friday
Nov 11 Saturday 8:30 AM
No further breaks no later than
2:00 PM

Evening sessions on specific topics may also be scheduled, especially Monday through Thursday.

Meeting objectives

The primary goal of this meeting will be:

Additional, lower-priority goals include:

Order of the meeting

  1. Opening activities (Monday 9:00)
    1. Opening comments, welcome from host (PL22.16)
    2. Meeting guidelines (PL22.16)

      Every participant is responsible for understanding and abiding by the INCITS Antitrust Guidelines and Patent Policy and the ISO Code of Conduct.

    3. Membership, voting rights, and procedures for the meeting (PL22.16)

      If you are representing an organization that is considering formally joining PL22.16, or your organization is already a member and you wish to change your voting status, please inform an officer.

    4. Introductions
    5. Agenda review and approval (PL22.16 motion, WG21 motion)
    6. Editor's reports, approval of working drafts
      Document Editor's report Prospective WD
      C++20 Standard N4688 N4687
      Modules TS N4682 N4681
      Coroutines TS N4679 N4680
      Ranges TS N4686 N4685
      Networking TS N-number N-number
      Parallelism v2 TS N-number N-number
      Concepts TS N4675 N4674
    7. Approval of the minutes of the previous meetings (PL22.16 motion, WG21 motion)
      Meeting Minutes
      WG21 Toronto N4691
      PL22.16 Toronto N4692
      WG21 pre-Albuquerque administrative telecon N-number
  2. Liaison reports, and WG21 study group reports (see pre-meeting WG21 telecon minutes)
  3. WG progress reports and work plans for the week (Core, Evolution, Library, Library Evolution; see pre-meeting WG21 telecon minutes)
  4. New business requiring action by the committee
  5. Organize working groups and study groups, establish working procedures

    (Clarify rooms available for evening sessions)

  6. WG and SG sessions

    The WG and SG chairs must arrange for any proposals to be written up in the form of a motion, and made available by 8:00 PM Friday.

  7. Review of the meeting (Saturday 8:30 AM)

    WG and SG status and progress reports. Presentation and discussion of proposals to be considered for consensus adoption by full WG21.

  8. Closing activities
    1. PL22.16 motions, if any
    2. Issues delayed until today
  9. Plans for the future (PL22.16)
    1. Next and following meetings
      • 2018-03-12/17: Jacksonville, FL, US (N4677)
      • 2018-06-04/09: Rapperswil, CH (N4673)
    2. Mailings
      • 2017-11-27: Post-Albuquerque
      • 2018-02-19: Pre-Jacksonville
  10. Adjournment (PL22.16 motion)